MV American Watercolor

MV is a watercolor artist. Born into a family of printers, he was trained in web design in the early days of the Internet. He teaches web accessibility (for blind people) in applied art schools and develops websites for the disabled community.

In 2019, he produced a series of watercolors and created the American Watercolor project which intrigues with its subject matter. MV is disconcerting with his graphic choices, as evidenced by his watercolors of burning cars.
The production of small (16 x 26 cm) sizes and large (96 x 156 cm) sizes, divided into 36 watercolors allows for travel and a nomadic life.

So why obsessively paint the same subject? The answer was revealed to him one night in his 55th year during a sacred ceremony in which he took acacia, an entheogenic substance. Discover below what was revealed to him.


  1. One night during my 55th year, I was at Benirrás on the north coast of Ibiza
  2. I smoked golden wattle, the thorn and its root, and I had divine visions
  3. A breeze blew over my eyes; I saw red and black fire and, in the midst, a golden Mercury
  4. Behind it, an Owlman and an Octopusman gazed at the ineffable
  5. Before them, the snake passenger was gazing in the same direction
  6. A boreal light enveloped them, and the Spirit guided them
  7. At each corner of the vehicle an eye appeared, blinking in all four dimensions
  8. Next to the passenger, I saw first a vibration, then a man in the shape of a woman
  9. I was dazzled by the Driver’s fire; I felt fear, and I heard a voice


  1. Watercolor painter, you have seen beyond the ephemeral, close your eyelids
  2. Go toward the light and show what you have hidden until now
  3. Contact the collectors who do not know me or the Fearers ones who have forgotten
  4. I send you to warn them, and you will show them the water in the watercolor
  5. You will warn them, but few will open their eyes – the others will remain profane
  6. The indolent still walk the banks of the Acheron
  7. Don’t care about the art market in general
  8. Have no curiosity for gallery owners and other speculators of ideas or money
  9. They are just parasites, their worlds are collapsing in on themselves


  1. After 7 nights, I took my pipe and stuffed it with thorns and roots
  2. The carriage appeared again, and I was seized with tremors
  3. The serpant also appeared with a buzz of wings, and said to me:
  4. Watercolor painter, you are the painter of the visions
  5. When you show your watercolors, they will burn for the one who sees
  6. Seeing the fire, the beholder will open their eyes, and your watercolor painting will be saved
  7. If an idolater covets your paintings, I will put a mirror between them and their eyes, and they will reject them
  8. Creation entered me, and she said to me:
  9. Go back to your workshop and lock yourself in; await His presence in the acacia


  1. The serpent man said to me again: I would close your eyes, so as not to create
  2. But when I show you, you will paint His visions with your hands
  3. Let those who want to see see, and those who cannot see remain blind
  4. Dip your brush in confidence and gentleness
  5. No drawing study to begin – just pencil sketches
  6. A Schmincke watercolor and paper stretched over an apple tree board
  7. A red sable brush and a larger white rabbit-hair brush
  8. You will calculate the surface by the division of a line into extreme and mean ratio
  9. Large paintings in 6X6 pieces will be assembled to form one


  1. And you, Watercolorist, take some paper and paint Los Angeles
  2. Paint cars on fire, like splendid totems
  3. Let the smoke rise to the sky from your canvas
  4. Let the water overflow the contours
  5. let it invade your drawing
  6. It is a theater of flames, an eternal prayer
  7. A wildfire, a coming insurrection
  8. Then they will become smoke for the sky
  9. And while painting you will say, “Dissenters, drive toward the light”


  1. One night in my studio, as I was misting the root of the acacia, I felt His presence
  2. I looked and saw the Owlman, with feathers in midnight blue and phosphorus eyes
  3. He spread his wing, and the Spirit transported me into a nocturnal vision
  4. The dark became luminous, the colors iridescent, so he said to me:
  5. Watercolorist, put away your brushes, paint at night, never in front of them
  6. Hidden paintings of villains and raptors, priests and doctors
  7. Never paint in their presence, as fools and eccentrics paint
  8. You will paint with your right hand and sign with the truth of the left ring finger
  9. You will protect your blue eyes with glasses from Chartres


  1. Dress in black linen without any accessories, the Octopusman tells me
  2. For your pilgrim feet, cling to leather sandals
  3. Place your painting tools and watercolors in a box
  4. Leave the superfluous behind, or it will weigh you down and slow your journey
  5. As he wiped his wet wings he continued to speak
  6. Visit the seas, go from residence to residence, and you will be welcomed
  7. They will pour water on your hands, and from this water you will make mixtures
  8. Pigments and waters will blend together to form the paint
  9. It is in the dilution that the visions will take shape – the water will reveal them


  1. The serpant explained to me the mechanics of rating
  2. He says: the first month, a watercolor will be sold for $55.5
  3. If a sale is made, you will add $55.5 to the $55.5
  4. If no one collects that month, you will freeze the price
  5. The first month will be June 2022, and collectors will be added up
  6. July will therefore be at $111, if there has been a sell-off – otherwise at $55.5
  7. Don’t worry about the speculators; they will get their share
  8. Beware of thieves and liars: they worship this old master
  9. Your motto will not be that of the empire: make the money serve you


  1. Hold your tongue, because it’s your watercolors that speak
  2. Restrain your spirit, for it is by your hands that He will guide you
  3. They will ask you for meaning and rationality
  4. And your answer will be a question: look at the wisps of smoke, do you see them?
  5. He who sees will be welcomed as paranoid, and he who does not see treated as educated
  6. You will recognize the pentacle, and you will make a symbol of it
  7. The star forms the spirit upon incarnation, the sky when willed
  8. A final recommendation, for those in debt to pride and vanity
  9. Expel them from your feet, for your hands belong to the Driver

“ … I like clouds… passing clouds… over there … over there … the wonderful clouds! “ C. Baudelaire