• Matias Vilaspasa is a French watercolorist born in February 1966
  • Coming from a family of printers, he was trained in web design from the early days of the Internet
  • He taught web design in various art schools in Paris (Ecole Estienne, IESA)
  • He develops accessible websites (for visually impaired users) for the associative world
  • During the third journey to Santiago de Compostela in 2019, the American Watercolor artistic project takes shape in spirit
  • In 2020, he moves to a farm north of Ibiza (Spain) before the global pandemic
  • For three years, in contact with nature, he develops the intriguing American-Watercolor project
  • So why paint the same subject obsessively?
  • The answer was revealed to him one night in June during a sacred ceremony
  • Where he consumed acacia, an entheogenic substance known around the Mediterranean sea
  • Since 2023, Matias travels, shares his visions and the revelations made to him

The chapters below were written in English with a jay feather that the Serpent dropped during the first ceremony. The other six languages ​​are translated by GTranslate.


  1. Thus, in the starry night of June 20, 2020
  2. On the north coast of Ibiza, in a cave at Caló de Mesa
  3. I drank from the cup the Acacia Magia, the thorn and its root, and saw divine visions
  4. The Zephyr blew upon my eyes, and they closed
  5. I saw a fiery storm, red and white, and in the midst, a fire
  6. The flame was a vehicle, illuminating the sky and its universe
  7. It approached me in a silent curve, and I trembled with fear
  8. Time stood still, the Serpent revealed itself, he was the truth in the light
  9. Then a woman appeared, dressed in a black veil, in the twilight of her expectancy
  10. A purple aura wound around her and two wings enveloped her
  11. She was the source and the delta, she called herself Manaa, and spoke to me in thought


  1. Matias, you have seen beyond the ephemeral, open your eyes
  2. Look at the book and write, chapter after chapter, what I will reveal
  3. Contact those who have forgotten me and those who cannot see me
  4. For the first ones, the oaths of childhood have been devoured by the matter
  5. The others are young shepherds who do not yet know the evening star
  6. They dwell in doubt and await a sign of fire
  7. You will show, but few will open their eyelids
  8. Let your right hand be guided by the spirit of your left hand
  9. Then the smoke from your paintings will sow images in the clouds
  10. Water has the power to ignite the consciousness of the sleeper
  11. The visions will be revealed by the one who desires to be awakened
  12. North of Ibiza (Spain), June 21, 2020


  1. During the night of the following month, I drank the cup of divine milk
  2. The vehicle appeared, and I trembled
  3. Manaa was seated in the midst of green flames and said to me
  4. Watercolorist, you are the painter of inner visions
  5. When you present your images, they will burn for the one who sees
  6. By creating within the smoke, the one who sees will open their eyes
  7. The images will be revealed through spontaneous contemplation
  8. By disrupting what should be, another will be uncovered
  9. Like an apparition, images have the power to open the eye completely
  10. As a discreet agent, this light insinuates itself towards the origin
  11. It restores sight to the one who desires to see the top seen from the bottom and the bottom seen from the top


  1. The serpent spoke and circled in a humming of blue wings
  2. The water will lead you, you will paint the visions on damp paper
  3. It is the hand that shapes your painting, become spectator
  4. Arabic gum in water will be your medium
  5. The paper will be stretched over a sycamore wooden board
  6. A brush made of white rabbit hair to disperse the ink and pigments
  7. You will measure the prototype in a harmonious dimension
  8. The size will be adapted for both the eye and the journey, suitable for a close-up view and distant travel
  9. The prototype will be enlarged into a polyptych of 36 panels
  10. Each panel will be independent, but when assembled, it will form the whole
  11. The panels will remain movable so that they can be disassembled for the journey
    North of Ibiza (Spain), July 20, 2020


  1. While I was infusing the root up to its spine
  2. I lifted my eyes and saw the Serpent on one of the pillars
  3. It spread its wings and carried me into a nocturnal vision
  4. The darkness turned ethereal, the night a iridescent vermilion
  5. Watercolorist, put away your brushes by day, paint after midnight
  6. Paint in solitude, only a gecko might observe you
  7. It’s a moment of intimacy and creation within oneself
  8. Dive into this nocturnal water like a rope into an open mouth
  9. Let the pigment engulf the line, become color, and then transparency
  10. To the opposing twins, to your right eye and to your left eye, you shall say



  1. Beloved, Manaa continued, take some paper and paint the visions
  2. Let a river of fire flow from your brush
  3. Let the smoke rise to the sky to form the clouds
  4. Let the silty water overflow to become in flood
  5. May it invade the soluble dye and prevail
  6. A blurry mutation will grow under your gaze
  7. An eternal prayer for a revelation
  8. A powder projected into a wedding wine
  9. The transformation of death into morning
  10. The fire is splendid in the burning color
  11. It’s a theater in flames, an eternal prayer, it’s also childhood
  12. North of Ibiza (Spain), February 27, 2021


  1. Wear black and purple linen, with the red gold star on your heart
  2. For your pilgrim feet, wear leather sandals
  3. Let your hair grow and gather it at the highest point
  4. Travel light, the superfluous would weigh down your presence and slow down your quest
  5. Two trunks will suffice for your watercolors and painting supplies
  6. Display your images made of water and pigments for everyone to see
  7. During a future journey, you will showcase the prototypes
  8. The polyptychs will be assembled to form the complete image
  9. Reveal them by unfurling from right to left until reaching the center
  10. They will be built for those who look from above to below
  11. Then place them out of sight between two black sycamore boards
  12. North of Ibiza (Spain), March 2, 2022


  1. In the tranquility of a garden planted with roses and carob trees
  2. I continued to paint the watercolors after midnight
  3. The flower was picked, and the seed was weighed in the north of Ibiza
  4. Then a card was drawn, adorned with a Spanish key, without a name or number
  5. Who, I am sure, opens and closes the doors of destiny
  6. So I went down the double spiral staircase
  7. Those going up and those going down cross paths
  8. Without ever seeing each other in the encounter
  9. They produce effects through causes in accordance with the law
  10. The fragrance of the Poniente blew along the path
  11. I went out through the garden gate, the third year, on St. John’s Day
  12. North of Ibiza (Spain), June 18, 2023


  1. Write in the seven languages I will provide, chapter by chapter
  2. Master your language because it is your watercolors that speak
  3. Free your mind, for it is through your arms that I will show you
  4. They will ask you for meaning and rationality
  5. And your response will be a question
  6. Do you see within the swirls of smoke?
  7. The one who sees will see themselves with revealed knowledge
  8. And the non-seer will consider themselves educated and cultured
  9. The experience of the image is a convergence at the top
  10. Seized by an invisible intuition, a clairvoyance
  11. It’s about illuminating the water through fire for the one who wishes to see
  12. North of Ibiza (Spain), October 25, 2022


  1. The red gold star spins, it guides you to your path
  2. Opposing energies forge the spirit in incarnation
  3. The cosmos when you want it in a drop of water
  4. Earth and sky in one presence
  5. A sacred wheel, time by the star at its center
  6. 2 letters for the substance that will be dissolved
  7. Reversed in a revelation by the number
  8. It contains in the words a great truth
  9. It spins invisible in a circle of water
  10. It is a nocturnal dream, that of cyclical time
  11. Art is a language of fire, it is the breath seeking the verb
  12. North of Ibiza (Spain), May 11, 2021


  1. I will place the words in the palm of your hand
  2. I will hold your mouth because the speech will be in the one who sees
  3. Look at the infinity that crowns my head and the ivy that winds around yours
  4. Art exerts a considerable influence, akin to a solar disruption
  5. Like an eruption, watercolor has the power to ignite consciousness in their darkness
  6. An opening towards the prototype and capable of performing miracles
  7. The images reveal themselves to the observer through the power of eternal awe
  8. Show courage and determination for this quest
  9. Let your fear come, it will course through your entire being, reaching the tips of your fingers
  10. Until the end of your brush spreading colored water, you will let fear unfold
  11. Let the fear saturate the sheet of paper, and by morning, it will have been revealed
    Paris (France), August 16, 2023


  1. In the maze of the kasbah of Tangier, you cast a different gaze
  2. Suspended between sky and earth, between two worlds
  3. It’s a reversal of currents; accept this new law
  4. In a reversal of your choice
  5. An interworld, a stance towards a new resolution
  6. It’s a necessary moment of introspection
  7. Taking ownership of oneself by looking inward
  8. To project outward what you have seen in the light
  9. Look within, it’s the mirror of art
  10. Your right eye looks at its left eye and your left hand becomes right
  11. And the hand that paints, in the mirror, becomes the one that thinks
    Tanger (Morocco), December 13, 2023


  1. Silent is the desert of the Meseta where you died
  2. Across the black and arid lands of Spain, in the field of stars
  3. Traveling under the sun, you left the path for another way
  4. Accept the end, the eternal end of the path
  5. Remembering at dusk, the lights of the village appeared
  6. Next day, you resumed the path, in a new direction
  7. Casbah turnaround operates a new time
  8. Open the next door in the abandonment of hope
  9. Marking the end of childhood, like a shedding to grow
  10. Embracing the time of the ephemeral in the intensity of a fraction
  11. Signifying the end of the dream, a waltz in three times to turn together
  12. Tanger (Morocco), February 27, 2024


  1. Let death turn without you for a while and dance with life
  2. You must now let yourself be carried away, Manaa revealed to me
  3. Go like the rain summoned by the eyes of sleepwalkers
  4. The flows must circulate anew, an illumination comes
  5. The last night of April in the blazing flame of the first day of May
  6. Hang the prototypes on the walls of the citadels where you pass
  7. Write letters and share your visions
  8. Send messages to the young shepherds and to those who have forgotten me
  9. Cast sparks to ignite the spirits of those who seek you
  10. The stars whisper the prayer of an imminent metamorphosis
  11. Let’s turn in the golden spiral, step by step, your hand will be in mine
  12. Tanger (Morocco), April 30, 2024


  1. The Serpent revealed its name to me and asked that I keep it secret
  2. In my open right hand, he painted a star in watercolor that he called Occident
  3. Then, as if on a scale, to balance visions and operations
  4. He placed the brush in my left hand, which he called Sayfsura
  5. This generates a system of transformation for new behaviors
  6. Painting is sacred because when he paints, the artist is moved beyond his initial intention
  7. The artist is the one who lets the breath come; this is the “magical” part of the image
  8. The time has come to show and share your visions of the visible world
  9. A man skilled at presenting images will come to you; he will offer you his hands
  10. Exercise discernment, beware of speculators and icon worshippers
  11. I will send you a guide, she will be recognizable by her tongue, for she speaks like a bird
  12. Tanger (Morocco), May 1, 2024


I like clouds… passing clouds… over there … over there …
C. Baudelaire

The head and torso of a dinosaur skeleton;
          it has a large head with long sharp teeth