MV is a French watercolor artist. Born into a family of printers, he was trained in web design in the early days of the Internet.He teaches web accessibility (for blind people) in various colleges of art in Paris and develops websites for the disabled community.

In 2020, he produced a series of watercolors and created the American Watercolor project which intrigues with its subject matter. MV is disconcerting with his graphic choices, as evidenced by his watercolors of burning American cars.

The production of small (16 x 26 cm) sizes and large (96 x 156 cm) sizes, divided into 36 watercolors allows for travel and a nomadic life.

So why obsessively paint the same subject? The answer was revealed to him one night in May during a sacred ceremony in which he took acacia, an entheogenic substance. Discover below what was revealed to him.


  1. Thus, on the night of the seventh day of May 2020
  2. I was sitting at Caló de Mesa on the north coast of Ibiza
  3. I drank Acacia, thorn, and its root, I had divine visions
  4. A breeze blew over my eyes and they closed
  5. I saw red and black fire and in the middle a golden Mand-jet
  6. The vehicle had one ram’s head and four eyes turned towards the 5 dimensions
  7. A northern light enveloped it and the Spirit guided
  8. On the back seat, an Owl-man and a Cat-man watched the ineffable
  9. In front of them, the Serpent’s passenger looked in the same direction
  10. Next, I first saw a vibration, then a man in the form of a woman
  11. I was dazzled by the Driver’s fire; I was afraid and heard his voice


  1. Watercolorist, you have seen beyond the ephemeral, open your eyelids
  2. Look at the book and show what you have hidden so far
  3. Contact those who see but don’t know me
  4. The Fearers and those who have forgotten me, those who are waiting for me
  5. They live in the ephemeral and await a fiery alliance
  6. You will warn them, but few will open their eyes
  7. The indolent still walk on the banks of the Acheron
  8. It is in dreams that your visions will be born
  9. But it is in intuition that you will paint in the water
  10. Let your right hand be guided by the spirit of your left hand
  11. Your paintings will become smoke for the sky, sacrifices for the clouds


  1. After seven nights, I infused into the cup thorns and roots
  2. The vehicle appeared and I trembled
  3. The Owl told me in a buzzing of wings:
  4. Watercolorist, you are the painter of His visions
  5. When you show your watercolors, they will burn for whoever sees
  6. Upon seeing the fire, whoever sees will open their eyes and your watercolor will be saved
  7. If an idolater or a speculator covets your watercolors
  8. I will place a mirror over their eyes and they will reject them
  9. Creation entered me and said to me:
  10. Return to your studio and lock yourself in, the time is near
  11. Await, His presence in the Acacia and do not despair


  1. The Serpent continued: I will close your eyes so that you can create
  2. But when I show you, you will paint His visions in your mind
  3. Show your paintings without revealing them
  4. Let those who want to see, see, and those who cannot see remain blind
  5. Dip your brush in confidence and determination
  6. A drawing to start, just a surface with ink
  7. A Schmincke watercolor and paper stretched on an apple board
  8. A brush made of white rabbit hair and gum arabic
  9. You will calculate the surface by dividing a line into extreme and mean ratio
  10. You will create large paintings by assembling them in 6 by 6
  11. It is through the Egyptian tile that you will enlarge the prototype


  1. The Ram tells me: watercolorist, take some paper and paint the visions
  2. Paintings of fire and water with your brush
  3. Let the smoke rise to the sky from your canvas
  4. Let the water overflow the lines
  5. Let them invade your drawing
  6. It’s a theater of flames
  7. An eternal prayer
  8. A forest fire
  9. An impending insurrection
  10. Then you will teach the two opposite twins
  11. And you will say, “it is through fire that you will be drowned”


  1. One night in my studio, as I sprayed acacia root, I felt its presence
  2. I looked up and saw the Owl, with midnight blue feathers and phosphorescent eyes
  3. He spread his wings and carried me into a nocturnal vision
  4. The darkness became luminous, colors iridescent, and he said to me:
  5. Watercolorist, put away your brushes by day, paint at night in solitude
  6. Never paint in the presence of others, for it is a time of creative intimacy
  7. Make your brush a sharp arrow, a weapon for the heart
  8. Plunge into this nocturnal water and let the pigment overflow
  9. Let the pigment invade your painting like the silica of the Mojave
  10. Like the oil of myrrh spreading towards the flame
  11. It is through darkness and its contribution that you will know its depth


  1. Dress in black and purple linen for your travels, said the cat-man
  2. For your pilgrim feet, put on leather sandals
  3. Place your painting tools and watercolors in a box
  4. Leave the excess behind, it will slow you down in your quest
  5. Sail the seas, go from residence to residence where you will be welcomed
  6. My companions will guide you to what must be done
  7. I will be behind you to show you, but know that:
  8. The outside is a representation of the inside, from bottom to top
  9. From top to bottom, the inside projected into the cosmos of your universe
  10. I heard the sound of a trumpet and my spirit was carried away
  11. I arrived at Benirràs, where I stayed in my brother Juan’s house


  1. The Serpent explained to me the mechanics of notation
  2. He said: it is by the value of three kilograms of barley that its price is determined
  3. You will find its equivalence for a day’s work
  4. The first month, a watercolor will therefore be sold for $55.5
  5. If no one collects that month, you will freeze the price
  6. The first month will be June 2022 and collectors will be added up
  7. July will therefore be $111 if there was a sale – otherwise $55.5
  8. Do not worry about the art market in general
  9. Have no curiosity for idea or money speculators
  10. Your motto will not be that of the empire
  11. May money serve you and not the other way around


  1. Hold your tongue, for it is your watercolors that speak
  2. Rein in your mind, for it is through your hands that it will guide you
  3. They will ask you for sense and rationality
  4. And your response will be a question:
  5. Do you see the smoke curls?
  6. He who sees will be welcomed as a paranoid
  7. And he who does not see treated as an educated person
  8. You will recognize the pentacle and make it a symbol
  9. The star forges the mind during incarnation
  10. The sky when it is willed into matter
  11. Remember: your arms belong to the driver


Translated from French to English

Art exerts a considerable influence on us, comparable to an electromagnetic disturbance.
Like a solar flare, art has the power to transport us, and ignite consciences in the night. MV

“ … I like clouds… passing clouds… over there … over there … the wonderful clouds! “ C. Baudelaire