POLYPTYCHS LA 90044 (6x6)

  • This work is a unique piece
  • Watercolor dimensions : 37.8 × 61.4 in (96 × 156 cm)
  • Mediums: Schmincke watercolor, ink, pencil
  • Material: museum grade paper
  • Assembled watercolors + prototype
  • Certificate : QR code and dated
  • Signature: fingerprint
  • Dated: 2021

Price: $1998 / Purchase on request

Image magnification

It is the prototype that determines the large format, it is from the 16×26 cm dimension that the image is enlarged by the squaring system. Each part is painted separately then assembled to form the whole.

Mechanics of notation

The price (the coast) of a watercolor is calculated as indicated in chapter VIII. Each piece costs 55.5$ X 36 = 1998$, then at the second sale the watercolor will be increased by 1998$ or 3996$ and so on…

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